Deco Adamo is proud to bring you the best in beauty!

Photoshoots, Cultural Events, Costume Parties, Wedding Attendees, & More!


Makeup Workshops
Our one-on-one workshops are tailored to every clients specific wants and needs. We work with makeup beginners all the way to experienced professionals. Please contact us with a description of your makeup experience and a list of what you are looking to learn and one of our beauty professionals will get back to you with a custom quote.

Photoshoot Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe
Half Day Rate $500 per provider (4 HRS of our undivided attention) 
Full Day Rate $1000 per provider (8 HRS of our undivided attention)

For any other special requests, please provide us with a detailed description of your event and we will give you a quote on our services. 


All beauty services will be booked with our Contract of Agreement and a non-refundable deposit. Deposit will go towards your final invoice amount. 

Gratuity is CASH ONLY and always appreciated.
Standard gratuity is 20% of your total invoice amount per service provider.