Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require a deposit for your services?
Due to our high demand, all our appointment slots are booked catering to our clients specific needs and interests. Prior to each appointment, products may need to be purchased to ensure a quality service. This protects us as a company to ensure that the appointment will not be canceled and protects you as a client that your appointment will never be double booked. 

When is final payment due?
Final payment is due in Check form at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date unless otherwise arranged with your beauty coordinator. Checks can be mailed to: 
Deco Adamo Inc.
1735 W Diversey Prkwy, #309
Chicago Il, 60614

If you prefer to pay your final invoice balance online via CC you are subjected to a small processing fee. 

What is the different between airbrush and freehand? 
Airbrush makeup application is a advanced technique used to apply makeup onto the skin by machine. This allows for longer lasting results and a naturally flawless finish. Please review our blog post on our airbrushing techniques, and why it is so special! 

What is a curl set? 
A curl set is a method used when styling hair. We will curl the hair, then set in pins throughout the head to cool for 1-3 hours. This is a great technique for clients who will be wearing their hair down or have trouble holding style in their hair. 

What sets you apart from other bridal beauty teams?
Aside from our talent and expert training, we are one of the few teams that work one on one with our brides up til their very wedding day. We create custom beauty schedules so that your day is stress free and remains on a timely manner. We work very closely with our brides and their vendors to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our brides love the personal touch that we put when booking our services and appreciate the effort that goes into matching them with an artist that best compliments their personal style. We offer our clients the full celebrity experience, making sure the day is ALL about them.

How do you hire your staff?
Kayla Consolo, our owner and master artist, hand picks her artists and stylists and personally trains them if needed. We stay up to date on all trend training and hold classes and workshops amongst our staff to ensure that our talents are paralleled and exceeding our competitive standards. We are very selective when hiring on our talent and only choose to work with the best of the best.

How many trials can I have? 
Trials are meant for you and your artist/stylist to come up with the PERFECT look for your wedding day. You can host as many trials as you wish to achieve your perfect look. 

What does a trial include?
Our trials are a very personal experience between our brides and our artists/stylists. We want to meet your needs and show you our professional opinions. Each trial includes 90 minutes of our undivided attention and consultation. We will preform 1 look, and one modified look (usually slightly more dramatic, or our artist/stylist's recommendation). You will receive photos of the looks that were preformed on your trial date to review for your wedding date. To ensure that you are receiving the style you wish, please ask questions and reveal any concerns throughout your consultation. Is it absolutely crucial to have open communication with your artists and stylists so that you always remain on the same page. Remember, photos are a wonderful way to show what you are looking for, but you also must vocalize any concerns or wishes in order to work well with your stylists or artists. Please visit our blog post on trials and consultations to see how you can make the MOST of your trial! 

If my event day is not available, what does it mean to be on the waiting list? 
Deco Adamo is always expanding our team and training and hiring new talent. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be contacted when one of our artists or stylists availability opens up, or one of our trainees have passed their extensive training program. 

Can I schedule a trial before booking my date? 
You absolutely can schedule a trial prior to booking your wedding date, but please know that your date will be open to other brides to reserve. We ask that you schedule your trial as soon as possible and we complimentarily hold your date for 48 hours after your trial. 

Is there a minimum number of services required for a wedding?
In our peak season, April-Oct, we do require a 4 service per service provider mininum for in zone regions (20 miles from Chicago) and 6 service per serviced provider minimums for out side our free travel range. Check out our Facebook page or Instagram to keep up to date on special promotions and lowered minimums for our winter months between Dec-March.

Can I add any services to my wedding contract?
You can add services to your contract up to 30 days prior to your wedding date, however the sooner we know the better so that there is no risk of an additional artist not being available. After that, no changes will be made to the contract. Please note, there can not be any removal of services, only adding or editing the services that are in the contract at time of signing. 

Can my bridesmaids pay for their own services? 
We require your final balance to be collected in Check form mailed to out headquarters at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding. We will not accept cash as a form of payment from bridesmaids unless approved by your beauty coordinator. You will receive your final invoice and schedule once you have send the final headcount at least 1 month prior to your wedding date so you should have enough time to collect payment from your bridesmaids if need be. We do accept gratuity in cash form and it can be distributed straight to your artists/stylists at time of service. 

If you have any further questions that are not answered in our FAQ, please email us at and one of our beauty coordinators will assist you promptly!